“Day By Day”


Many Thanks to Geoff Collier ,Steve Cassidy and Tony Burns
for their contributions to this article.

Steve Cassidy................................Geoff Collier

This play was an adaptation of two hit musicals “Godspell” and “Jesus Christ Superstar” . It was managed , choreographed , produced and directed by Mr R . Jones who despite this production was going through it all again with another show.
. The rehearsals started in October 1979 after the cast had been chosen from hundreds of anxious auditioners , who were searching for the bright lights of stardom.

A lot of time and effort was put into rehearsals not just by the cast but by many people who gave up their time to help produce it, right up until the day of the production commenced . There were always last minute changes to the music or dances but they grew accustomed to it as time wore on. The first production was shown to the 1st years on the 11th March 1980 . This was received with indifference ; they seemed to enjoy the play but did not understand what is was all about.
. The first night to the public wasn’t their best by far . There were quite a few mistakes with the tape and the dancing , but they took it in their stride and improvised. Yet what they new was wrong , the public didn’t.

On the third and final night one of the back up girls fell ill but realising the show must go on they brought on an understudy. They were all determined to make the show a success and they did. Nothing went wrong because they wouldn’t allow themselves to leave the stage with a feeling of disconsert and sorrow. After the performance there were tears of joy on the dressing room floor , everyone was on cloud nine.

It wasn’t just the cast who made it succeed , for it wouldn’t have without the help of others such as the lighting crew , the back up singers , Miss Riddell-Smith who sold tickets and welcomed the audience and the numerous other people who provided the soundtrack , electrical equipment , refreshments and programmes, and not forgetting Tom the School keeper who cleared up all the mess after everyone had gone .



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