Mr Dave Skillington

On leaving Nightingale I spent a year on secondment at what was then North East London Polytechnic, (Now the University of North East London,) doing research into the teaching of mixed PE.

I then returned to Hainault High School, where I had been before Nightingale, for a year, before moving to Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School in Aylesbury, as Head of PE. I'm still there, some 13 years on, still as head of PE, but also with lots of other responsibilities to keep me busy!

Our first child, Abigail, was born whilst I was at Nightingale and is now 15. Since moving to Buckinghamshire Yve, (my wife,) and I have had two more Children, Joshua who is 8, and Harriet, who is 4.

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At Nightingale : 1984 - 1987

Head of P.E

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