Paul Pesce - “ DJ - Peshay “

Peshay was originally into electro before getting into the house scene in 1988-89. From there, he started DJ’ing in 1991 and was fortunate enough to meet LTJ Bukem at a rave event. Peshay started to get more and more bookings at the breakbeat events and as the music evolved, he decided to stick with the drum and bass side of things. Peshay has been quite successful in the recording studio as well, releasing a massive jungle tune with LTJ Bukem called “19.5” which was released on “Good Looking Records”. Like many other Drum and Bass DJ’s, Peshay has been fortunate enough to play abroad, at venues in Germany, France, Switzerland, America etc. With his ability for DJ’ing and music production, it is without question that Peshay will remain one of the top names in the Drum and Bass circuit for many years.

Paul Pesce left Nightingale in 1985/6 . He is a Drum & Bass DJ and has become very popular on the music scene .

Album covers.

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