Nightingale Vs Woodbridge

This is a photo taken on 6th August 1973 shortly after victory in the area cup final against the old enemy Woodbridge. The winning score was 4 - 1 .

The Winning Team

Mark Moughton
John Cooper
Ken Halley
Barry Graham
Kevin Smith
Glen Hollbrooke
John Kane
Raymond Jacobs
Julian Gray

Andy Young
Mr Arnott
Mark Abbott

front row :

Gary Foweraker (not in photo)


Thanks to Kevin Smith for the photo.

Football Team circa 1981

(Back left to front right Gary Stockdale, Peter Liddle, Dave Shepherd, Mark Baldwin, Jamie Lear, David Scarborough, John Corbey, Robert Porteous, Graeme Brown, Bill Larkins).

Thanks to mark Baldwin for this photo


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