Glasbury house was a five and a half hour journey from the school , a small villiage situated on the banks of the River Wye , in Wales. The house is fairly large with four dormitories , a dining room , lounge , lecture room and changing rooms , and your activities started the minute you arrived there in the form of a three mile walk.

Written for Miss Hutson’s Birthday by
Julia Saunders and Susan Buchanan.

N . H . S

As well as all the main activities , you were expected to help with various domestic duties around the house . For example , serving meals , washing up and cleaning out the land - rovers.

The main activities included : Pony trekking , Climbing , Caving , Pot holing , Canoeing , abseiling and camping .

Sally Nightingale, Lisa Peskett, Tracy Vaughn, Wendy Silk, Danielle Cassar and in the front Michaela Lewer

Michaela Lewer, Lisa Peskett, Tracy Vaughn, Lisa Jaggs, Lucy Vince.

Many thanks to Jackie Brown who sent in these photo’s of the trip to Glasbury in 1981


Flying bananas ,oranges too ,
Are part of this mad trip ,
Accompanied by you .

Your poem was good ,
But our one is better ,
The more you canoe ,
The wetter you getter.

Bouncing on ponies ,
Abseiling down rocks ,
Crawling through tunnels ,
You get lots of knocks .

Hopping on boulders ,
Following Bill ,
Is one of the things that
Might give you a thrill.

Drinking hot chocky ,
Coffee and tea ,
The more you do here ,
The soarer you’ll be .

Hosing land rovers ,
Cleaning the loos ,
There are so many different things
You can choose .

But today is your Birthday ,
So we’ll give you a break ,
So long as you share out ,
The drink and the cake.

THE GLASBURY LAMENT (part 1) ( 1983 trip )

Sun-burn is red ,
Bruises are blue ,
You can fall off a horse or
Capsize a canoe .

In caves you can jam ,
And get soaked through and through ,
For lunch you get spam ,
For tea you get stew .

Throughout the whole week , each day you are sure ,
To suffer from pains and from aches by the score .

But despite the disasters
Each day has in it ,
You can say through the plasters ,
I enjoyed every minute.

Written by Miss Hutson
and Miss Hindmarsh

For Susan Buchanan’s Birthday.


Glasbury House
Glasbury - on Wye

Click Here for More Glasbury pics from 1976

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