Nightingale Junior School Spring 1961

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Although this is from Nightingale Junior school, Spring 1961, everyone shown went onto Nightingale Secondary Modern, with the exception of two.

Thanks to Barry Taylor for the photograph

Top Row from left to right:

Eddie Crossley, Stephen Garret, Andrew McMillan, Geoff Carlisle, Johnathan Roberts, Stephen Wellington, Blaine Harris, Paul Young,
Martin Maynard, Robin Howes, Ian Carlisle, Paul Beaumont.

On Left, Headmaster: Mr. Mansel Davies.

Barry Taylor, David Lazarus, Graham Kempson, John Bootle, Philip Hutton, Philip Clark, Timothy Harris, David Kettlety, Paul Hutton, David Rice.

On Right, Teacher: Mrs. McLaughlin

Bottom Row from left to right:

Angela Botchin, Rosalind Tye, Lana Tye, Jennifer Poole, Rosalind Rhodes, Irene_______?, Jacqueline Baird, Mary Hasler, Jenifer Nichols?

2nd Row from left to right:



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