Keith Ford

A “ Youthful” looking Mr Ford !

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When he left Nightingale in 1985 Keith went on to Hainault High as Deputy Head , where he stayed for just a year . From there he went to Park High School in Harrow where he became Headmaster. In 1991 London Weekend Television made a six - part docusoap which was shown on television , and was called “Park High “ . He moved on again , this time to Icknield High School in Luton , where once again LWT made another TV series called “ School Days “ Keith is still at Icknield High which has 1350 pupils and is an arts college as well as being a “normal” comprehensive . He has two children 26 & 29 who both attended Cambridge and became solicitors . His daughter got married in 1998 and made him a Grandfather in 2001 . Still happily married , he lives in the same house in Dunstable from which he used to drive to Wanstead each morning . In 1990 he became a magistrate and sits in Luton.

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N.H.S his schooldays at Highfield Primary School
in Wandsworth , S London . Aged 5 .