This site has over 35,000 messages posted!. If your looking for someone or maybe someone has a message for you , just type in a name or keyword and all messages containing the name come up . Find people by name, location , occupation etc.. Also you can post your own message for someone to find !

The internet version of Directory Enquiries. Search for people by name , address or general location.Comes with location maps of searches! If there on the Electoral Register you can find them on this site !

WOW ! Type in your postcode or location and get an aeriel photograph which can be zoomed in to show great detail ! Just one of the many FREE features on this site.

Find old schoolfriends by searching by school . The site contains 24,000 schools including ones no longer open. Leave messages or email old pupils.


This is the best search engine on the web ! Start here to search for anything ! Type in any keyword and a complete list of sites is up in seconds ! Very easy to use , And well presented.

Just enter a surname in the People Finder section and the site will try to match a phonebook listing, including the street address. Find out how many people in England share your name and find out where they live !.

This site should be the first stop for online UK and Irish family history searches.This is a popular site and has very big databases.

This site is run by the Public Records Office and provides easy access to information on the main UK family history sites.


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The Contact Register has been founded by Missing Links UK in association with as the ultimate resource for all adopted people, birth parents, brothers, sisters and extended natural family members, wishing contact with one another, to be able to register their interest