Sudden Death Stuns Classmates

SCHOOLCHILDREN came out of their lessons on Wednesday to mourn the death of a teenage classmate who died in her mother’s arms.
The tragic death of pop-mad 13 year old Lynn Warr has left relatives , friends and teachers completely stunned and shocked. Lynn had taken time off school and everyone thought she had gone down with flu. But in the early hours of Friday morning her mother went into her bedroom after Lynn called out for help.
Her mother knew something was seriously wrong and called for an ambulance. But it was too late.
The fun loving teenager who was a speedway and football fanatic , had died in her mothers arms.
Said relatives at her home in South View Drive , Wanstead, on Wednesday :” Just the suddenness of dying was the real tragedy of it . It was horrible her dying in the middle of the night”.

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Said an Aunt: “When they arrived at the hospital they said she was dead before she got there. It has been proved that nothing would have saved her.
“ A double post-mortem showed she had glandular fever a haemorrhage and a ruptured spleen.”
Her father George Warr told how Lynn would often go out street collecting for charities.
He said : “She was just full of life. She was pop records mad and always dancing about . She wanted to go all over the country watching speedway.”
Arrangements were made for the funeral procession to pass by Nightingale Secondary School where school friends and teachers stood to pay their last respects. Her Headmaster Mr L. Ridding described Lynn as a cheerful girl who could be relied on to do any task.
“She was the salt of the earth. She was strong and healthy and when we got the sudden news that she had died during the night it was a great shock. “ Her form mistress and children in her class are very distressed.”


February 15th 1974

Lynn Warr with her
eight-year old brother

As the funeral cortege passes by Nightingale Secondary School her many friends and classmates line the pavement to say farewell to Lynn Warr.

There is a message by Leslie Warr on the Message Board.

A tree was planted in the school grounds in memory of Lynn with a brass plaque . When the tree was removed the plaque was given to her parents.

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