I am looking for friends that I used to hang around with that I haven’t seen in over 30 years. Barbara White and Carol Leach in particular. My name is Karen Messer (Nee Suss) and would love to hear from anyone that remebers me who was at Nightingale school with me.

My name is Les Warr, I attended Nightingale between 1977-1982.
I am seeking old School friends of my Sister Lynn Warr who passed
away back in 1974. Lynn would have started Nightingale in 1971.
All I can remember was one of her friends (as I was only 7 at the
time) was a girl called Sharon Willis .

This is a school photo for those pupils who probably left in
1984 or 1985 ?

Its a black and white photo taken by our Tutor Mr Pritchard
who was Welsh and taught Art. I can remember two or three
names but thats it

Anyway, I hope this brings back alot of (happy) memories
to the rest of our tutorial group and also Mr Pritchard if he
is visiting this site?

My name is David Rose , I was at Nightingale from 1961 to 1965
I now live in Edgware & am married with 4 children.
I would like to hear from anyone who was there during these years.

We are planning to re-visit the location of one of our school trips to
celebrate our 50th Birthdays in a couple of years time. We would like
to contact a fellow pupil that we lost contact with after leaving
school. Her name is/was Gillian Read. She played the cello in
the school orchestra and went on to Loughton college to do a pre-nursing
course. I think she may have worked in a hospital in Epping.

Looking for Gillian Read

At Nightingale : 1964 - 1969

Jacqueline Kruyer

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Kaminee Sachdev

Looking for friends of Lynn Warr

Les Warr

Does anyone where the kids of 1981 are now ?
I am talking the “Kelly” twins Kenny West , Robert Massa,
Kevin Latchford etc.. and anyone else who was in the
fifth year in 1981.
Also does anyone know what Phil Eskelson is doing these days ?
I think he left about 1978/9

E - mail me all the gossip !

Lisa Derrett

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Long Time No See !

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Karen Suss

My name is Sharon Belnikoff (nee Mattey) I was at Nightingale from 1971 until 1976.Looking for anyone who may remember me.

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The Last First Years

I would love to hear from anyone else who was one of the last “first years” before the school closed.

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Sharon Belnikoff

David Rose

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J Abbott

Drop me a line . Especially Alan Rogers . Its been too long.

Steve Cassidy

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My name is Irene Fox nee Paraskeva, I left school in 1974 , to go and live in Cyprus. I would love to hear from Eileen Darmudas , Joanne King or anybody else who remembers me !!! . If anyone knows the whereabouts of Yvette Frizzelle(who left for Canada) I would love to hear from you.


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Hi , my name is Donna Wells ( now Mullender). Sister of Colin & Andrew . Left school in 1984 and would love to catch up with some old friends :- Leeza Ingledon - I know you are out there somewhere . Donna Burrows ( think I may have spotted you in Tesco’s Woodford ! ), Janet Sims , Denise Patients to name a few. What have you all been up to ?. Personally , I’ve been working in the insurance industry for 17 years and am married (7 years) with a 4 year old Daughter called Amber. Shortly moving to Wickford area and it would be good to hear from any of you .

My name is Tony Brown and went to Nightingale from 76’ to 79’ when I left to move down to Brighton. I am married with 2 kids aged 11 & 12 and work at Gatwick airport. I was good mates with Richard Kelvin who was a market trader last time I spoke to him , also mates with Mark Harper who I heard lives abroad. I went to Glasbury and Ravelscetto in Italy skiing with the school. Does anyone have any photo’s ?.
I went out with Sharon Carpenter , Joanne Eastwell and Angela Harrison briefly . Cant remember any other girlfriends but remember Niki Karavias , Lorraine Jaggs , Ian Young , Lambros , Ian Mead , Matthew Horne drop me a line anyone .

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Hi ! Remember me , Christine Hancock that was. Now married with three children and living near Colchester . I’d love to hear from anyone that was in the 5th year in 1970 . Is there anyone that would be interested in a reunion ? . What ever happened to Vivien Prior , Katherine Groom and Heather Warren ?. Hope to hear from some of you soon.

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Tony Brown

Donna Mullender