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Hello to all you woodbridge loving people out there.
I am trying to track down probably the best soccer team that this once great school ever produced,in fact I wouldn,t be surprised to learn that most if not all this side are now playing professional football,we were that bloody good!!
We had our greatest year in or around the 1976-77 season under the astute management of a little geordie we couldn,t understand by the name of Mr.Atkinson.
Silverware was won that year after we mullered every side that was placed before us and my wish is for this once mighty team to come together again one last time,pull on those red jerseys with pride and stroll out on to the hallowed turf next to the motorway,stamp out the fag,s again and try to recapture those glory days one more time,some hope!!
The side is still etched in my memory,it read:
1.John "the cat " Corderoy,what a keeper
2.Tony "hanny" Hannibal,if it moved he kicked it,
3.Alan Bennie,A sweeter left foot you wouldn,t see
4.Dave "gensie" Genes, a stylish man mountain with a rasping shot on goal
5.Sean D,llaselle, another giant at the back with his flowing black locks, a petit of his day
6.Bill Glibbery, What a player,never stopped running until got home,sheer class
7.Mark"kipper" Kane, a football genius who I taught all I knew and obviously listened
8.George Popperwell, old fashioned winger who made Ryan Giggs look slow
9.Dave " spud " Murphy, niall quinn of his day but without his teeth
10.Dave Kane, probably the best player we had,how he never made it is a mystery
11.Keith Speakman, another left sided craftsman who gave his all for the cause

Other fine players contributed to this great team were the likes of goalkeeper Ian "Fossie"Foster,Gerard Levy,George"Budah"Wilson,Colin "ossie" Osboune and more if my mind wasn,t as bad as it is now.
If you were part of this historic team or one of the many fans who we entertained along the way,please feel free to contact me .

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To any staff /pupils from 1981 + 83 who may remember me, Miss L. Hindmarsh. I will always have fond memories of the school, my very first appointment and will never forget the staff play when I dressed up in a bin liner as a punk rocker. Remember Miss Fryer, the history teacher, well she is also with me now at Trinity and we often discuss Nightingale. Hope the website develops, I was thrilled to find it.

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Does anyone remember me:
Stephen Tisshaw pupil at Nightingale 1975 to 1980.
Get in touch soon and lets talk about old times.
All the best.
Stephen Tisshaw

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Hi, my name is Tony Burns. I stayed on to the sixth form, which was then looked after by a Mr Wright, who I think retired shortly after I left in 81. Other pupils in the sixth form with myself were, Janet Larkins, Mandy Stevenson, Tracey Jackson (now Chesterton), Lil Warren, Deb Dellow, Jenny Gilbey, Fiona Martin, Louis Lansbury, Matthew Horn, Geoff Collier, Robert Chung (I think). Am looking through old pics, to send to this sight. Now Living on a farm in Glostershire, Married and have a 7year old daughter.

Me then at 14 - 15 yrs old

Me now 2001/02

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Does anyone remember me ? Darryl Spink ( 79-83 ?) . I would like to contact former classmates , in particular Dominic Tolfts . I remember a lot of you that have already put your names in lights , i.e Melanie Gardener , Sarah Fields , Janet Wilkens , Marina Chung etc..Iím currently in Bradford as a chef/pub Manager/site engineer /Go-fer. Later this year Iíll have my own pub back down South and all will be welcome.
I can be contacted on 07957 723946

Remember going to a party at Jimmy Smithís a few years back and meeting up
with the a load of school friends. Had a great chat with Michael Harrison,
still a very funny man (he is a tree surgeon you know!). Closest to Paul
Rabey who was my best man at my wedding last year. Also still in regular
contact with Bill Larkins but seem to have lost touch with everyone else.

If you want to contact me then use my private email address,
as I am about to leave Barkingside and the Home
office and start a new life in Sunderland with my wife and child.

It is great to see the site. I will try and dig out a few photographs of
skiing holidays for those who remember Caspoggio (Italy 82) and Maralevo
(Italy 83). Broke my arm and couldnít go to Spain 80 or 81 (Thanks to Lucy

Pupils from the leaving years of approx 1976-79 we are trying to organise a
meet in wanstead for possibly feb. anyone interested email me asap

Mark Moughton

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Just been told about this site by Paul Rabey! It is superb but there seems
to be a lack of entries from pupils of my time.

Who remembers Paul Rabey, Bill Larkins, Paul Coffey, Chris Bryant, David
Shepherd, Steve Hartman, Arvin Kane, Jimmy Smith, Paul Clarke, Michelle
Gibbon, Lucy Vince, Robert Porteous, John Corbey, Robert Gilbert, Tony
Simms, Jon Ostrovitch, Bill Hurley, Alan Buickna (?Spelling), Melanie
Gardener, Marina Chung, Wendy Silks, Michael Harrison, Simon Rumble, Sarah
Wiggins, John Wiles, Brett Allen - the list is almost endless! (Sorry if I
have not mention anyone but I am typing as fast as I can!!). I also remember
pupils from above and below our year, many of which played football for the
ex-Nightingale school team aka The Fir Trees. Stars such as Neil Pugh, Paul
Nicolaou, Dave Doughty, Scott Scrivens, Dave Bayliss, Gary Cox, Steve
Carpenter, Gary Kane, Wayne Moody, Martin Peskett (only turned up for a
beer!), Michael Pantelli, Geoff Rosen and Dave Smith (Toffo).

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Tony Burns

Mark Baldwin

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