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Hi , Julia Shaw here (now Park ) left in 1976 from Mrs Potts class. Married with two children. Anyone remember the Thallata Sailing Barge trip ? Great fun - sleeping in a hamock , jumping into the river etc.. If Alicia Monk is out there , please contact me or anyone else who remembers me.

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Hi , my name is Colin Rixen ,I left in 1974. There are a number of people I recall amongst others : Jason Smith ,David Blois , Michael Carr , Phillip Gould , John Messum , Patrick Maloney , Ray Unwin , Graham Lowe, Carol Fisher , Janet Berrington , Debbie Garnell , Pamela Druitt (or Drewitt), Martin Gaynes , Gary Little ,Barrie Chambers , Valerie Perry , Josephine Norman . To name but a few .


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Janet Wilkens (Cassford)

Calling all ex- members of Redbridge Youth Theatre Workshop. Bealie Homer is organising a reunion for June 2002. Mail me if your interested and I will send you the details
Special call for Roy Willing .......Where are you ?

Hello , I was at Nightingale from 1971-1976 My name is Adam Braithwaite . I was in sotty’s class , ie - Mr Wright , nice bloke as it happens . If anyone remembers me feel free to get in touch.

I came up from the junior school in 61 leaving in 66 in class 1 to 5F since then I have had little contact but would love to hear what happened class mates including George Sewell, John Bootle and Irene Edwards as well as our first teacher Roger Fosset.

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My name is Pat Marks (Kirkby then) and my younger sister is Angela Kirkby
who also went to Nightingale, as did my brother Paul Kirkby. I would love
to hear from anyone who I knew whilst at Nightingale in the sixties, names I
recall are Hilary Davis, Michael Mead, Malcolm Arnold, I can see more faces
but can't remember the names (must be getting old). I would especially love
to hear from Janice Kirk (who would have ran through the glass doors on her
first day - but for the bar - ouch!), and Anne White, who I know went to
Abergavenny in Wales but I lost touch with her after that.

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Hi , my name is Sharon Burns and I was at Nightingale from 1972 - 1976. My Brother Terry (Bernie ) was two years above me , I now live in Israel , would love to hear from anyone who remembers me , especially Meave Doveton , Janice Baxter and Debbie Quant.

I was at nightingale from 1972-1977 I would like to find out what happened to every one. I am married with 6 kids Kevin, Caroline, Michael, Lorraine, Andrew, and James their ages are 16, 14, 11, 9, 2, and 1 month so I am kept quite busy.

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Kevin Smith

Hi , Tracey Turner here , does any one know the whereabouts of Robert Willing .... lost touch and would love to get back in touch. Hello to anyone who might remember me , I left in 1978 to change schools . Used to go out with Bryan Christmas .... for my sins !!!.
Remember hanging around with Sarah Vince , Lorraine Wright , Marilyn (who’s surname I cant remember , sorry ) and lots of others. Please anyone who does remember get in touch.

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Hi , I am Kerry Sterling who left in 1975 , I would love to hear from anyone in my year, you may not remember me but hopefully I’ll remember you. Where is Kerry Wright, David and Michelle Kaylor Lesley Nunn, Kim Irving, Charlie Meadow , Remo Thurlow. Perhaps a re union could be organised , its about time. I have two children aged 15 and 11 and have my own business .

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My name is Barry Taylor. Anyone remember me? It would be nice to hear from old friends. I have lived in Chicago now for a long time and think now and then of the old schooldays, particularly end of term 6th form review with Jennifer Buckley, Blaine Harris, Anne Rivenhall, John Burrows, et al. I also remember directing Boy meets Girl, a series of vignettes because Mike English was sick. This was in 1967. Can't remember the cast names but there was a Sally who I think I even dated a couple of times. She lived over the Freeman Hardy Willis shoe shop in George Lane. I think her dad was manager. Great days! Love to hear from anyone with their memories.

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My name is Tracey Bennett (now Thorne) I left nightingale high school in I think 1977. I used to hang around with Gina Mokrzycki, Maria Curtain, Gary Walsh, Philip Pain, Mark Abott, Ken Abott. I rememer John Kane and Lloyd ? (sorry mate!). if there is any one out there drop me a line .

Take care love Trace

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Adam Braithwaite

Colin Rixen


Sharon Burns

Kerry Sterling

Martin Maynard

Pat Marks

Barry Taylor


Hi, This site is great isn't it? There are a few names that are ringing
bells from 1963 to 1967 left in the fourth year, no brains to stay on. I was
Ann Baker then and am still living in S.Woodford with two sons James 23 and
Thomas 18. I hope another reunion happens, we will all be 50 in 2002. What a
dreadful thought !!

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Hi My name is Paul Cassar I left Nightingale in 1980 & moved to Canada 2 years later. I have been here ever since. My younger sister Danielle Cassar also went there. I used to hang out a lot with Mark Smerald, David Moorcroft & a few others . I remember a few teachers like Mr Kemp, Mr Smith, Miss White, Mr Moore & of course our head master ( Batman ) sorry I can't remember his real name. If you remember me and feel like dropping a line it would be great to hear from anyone who was in my year.

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Hi, this is a message on behalf of Paul brake who wants to know if you have a
Christmas get together planned. Please mail me and I will pass message on as
he is not computer literate !!!! Thanks, Terry Fischers missus

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