Mr Michael Wootton

At Nightingale 1976 - 1987


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A recent photograph

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After attending both the Nottinghamshire village school and Nottingham High School where D.H.Lawrence had been a pupil , Michael Wootton graduated as a scientist at the University of Bristol and undertook research on the synthesis of organo-silicon compounds, the results of which he has now largely forgotton. He qualified as a teacher with Distinction at Birmingham University , where he was awarded the E.M.Cadbury Prize in Education. He was successively head of a science department and deputy head in comprehensive schools. He was involved in the Nuffield Science Teaching Project, a major curriculum development of the nineteen-sixties; and he was Publications Secretary for the School Natural Science Society, producing over fifty publications for science teachers. He became Acting Head of Rainham School at the age of 32, and then Head of Nightingale High School, an 11-18 London comprehensive school where he remained until the school closed in 1987. He continued in post until the end of 1988, winding up the school’s affairs, and at the same time inaugurating a local authority teacher recruitment unit in Redbridge.*

Later he was invited to devise and deliver a new training course for mature entrants to teaching in a university/local authority joint project. Much of his “ On Your Own in the Classroom” teacher training pack was written for this course and, having been continuously in print for ten years, is an acclaimed best seller in its somewhat restricted professional market..

Since his retirement Michael Wootton has maintained his interests as a consultant and writer on educational topics , but is able to devote more time to portrait painting and , with his wife, to exploring the remoter parts of the Scottish Highlands. Elaine continues to be the “doyenne” of music teachers in her area. They have two adult sons: Geoff is a Senior Management Consultant for HM Government in London, and Mark is a District Enviromental Health Officer in Essex.

* In those days such a unit was something of a novelty , but following Michael Wootton’s retirement the Redbridge Teacher Recruitment Service has been directed, and much enhanced, by the former Deputy Head of Nightingale High School , Barry Hancock.