Mr Phil Atkinson

At Nightingale 1975 - 85

Pictured here at the
Class of 85 Reunion
in Dec 2001

Born in Nigeria in 1952, so I have a vested interest in the national team's fortune(s) in the World Cup.
Moved to North Wales when I was two and a half years' old.
Educated at Ysgol Y Gader, Dolgellau. Not exactly a place that produced top class rugby players but we still had to play regardless of the cow pats on the playing field.
After a meandering educational experience I chose teaching as a viable career prospect.
I attained B.Ed qualification through the University of Wales, Cardiff.
My subsequent move to Nightingale has a 'romantic' nature. Whilst at college I met and became 'mentally entwined' with a girl from the Redbridge area. We planned for a future together and, since I was a year ahead of her, I would find a job in...Redbridge.
The plan didn't work but I shall be ever grateful that she 'brought' me to Nightingale High.
I think the best part of my career was spent at Nightingale. I left, during the reorganisation and closure of the school, to begin anew at Wanstead High as Careers Co-Ordinator.
The most memorable highlight of my career with Nightingale came a few months after my 'defection'.
I had promised to join Nightingale on a 'mega' skiing trip to Romania. It was a wonderful week. On the last day, whilst waiting to board our plane, Bucharesti departure lounge became my careers office much to the consternation of the security guards.
These days I am still at Wanstead High School but, being a parent of two boys statemented on the autistic spectrum, much of my non-working ratio is involved with special needs activities.
I am a governor of a special needs school in Thurrock that specialises in PMLD and MMLD.
I am also a representative of the Teacher Training Agency always looking for the potential to recruit into teaching.

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