Ron Chambers was the longest serving teacher at Nightingale high School, he retired in 1982 after 25 years. He went to the school as Head of Technical Services and teached woodwork, metalwork and technical drawing, as well as being senior master.
Ron teached all his life apart from a spell in the RAF during the war. He was born in Plaistow, and educated in West Ham. After spending the war in the far east, Ron moved to teach at St Barnabas School, Woodford Green. He stayed there 8 years before he went to Nightingale.
. At the time Ron said :
. ď Iíve had very good times at Nightingale, but I think you should retire when you are still reasonably healthy, Iíve not made immediate plans. Even though my wife and I plan to move down to the South Coast. ď

It is said that Mr Chambers could flick a piece of chalk 100 yards and still hit you between the ears !

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