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The week on the Thalatta is one of my fondest memories from my school days , as a 13 year old this was my first time away from home without my parents and hence was particularly exciting and a brand new experience. In fact there were so many brand new experiences that week , which included : sleeping in hammocks , cooking and washing up ! . No one checking up on you to make sure that you cleaned your teeth ( but I did anyway ) , and of course just being at sea , helping to sail the thing . The sails were coated in some vile red protective coating and pulling them up and down the masts and rolling them up made your hands and pretty much the rest of you the same colour as the sails because it rubbed off on anything that got close to it . Pulling on ropes and winding the windlasses was also pretty exhausting but great fun , not so great when it was raining and blowing what seemed like a small gale but on the whole brilliant . I also recall that the school made a big play about being invited to go on the trip. Iím not sure what the selection criteria was or who made the decision as to who got to go but Iím glad I was one of the few who did go.

Thalatta Memories .......

The Thalatta , meaning ď The Sea ď in Greek , is a sailing barge built in 1906 for cargo work , and converted in 1966 to a school ship. Now owned by the East Coast Sail Trust , it provides school children with an opportunity to spend a week away learning the skills of seamanship. Many thanks to John Wilson for the material and photographs who spent a week on Thalatta in 1974 with his classmates. John is second from left in the front row.

John Wilson

Were you aboard the Thalatta ?
Do you have any memories to share ?

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The sails are protected from the weather
with a special dressing made with codfish
oil , red ochre and yellow ochre. The bolt
ropes are treated with stockholm tar !

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Thalatta History

The daily routine