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October 9th 1987

Nightingale to Be Home For Youth Centre

A USE HAS BEEN FOUND for the former Nightingale High School -- it is to be the new home of Wanstead Youth Centre.
The building in Elmcroft Avenue , Wanstead , which closed as a school this year , is to be turned into first-class facilities for the centre at a cost of 350,000.
A covered way will be built to link the main hall with the gymnasium and sports hall.
More toilets will be installed and a store room will be converted to a quiet room where members can relax.There will also be a coffee bar and wardens office.
The football pitch and tennis courts will stay and there will be public access through the playing fields to the Roding Valley Park . The outside play area is to be resurfaced and floodlights installed and there will be 21 car parking spaces on the site.
The extension added to the school in the early 70s is to be demolished as it is in very poor condition. No use has been found for the rest of the site and is likely to be sold off by Redbridge Council.

The plans have been approved by the councils Policy and Resources Committee , but must get the go-ahead from the full council meeting on Thursday , October 15.
Commenting on the plan , policy and resources chairman Councillor John Ramsden said We have looked very carefully at all the suggestions put forward for the use of the site and believe that providing a better home for Wanstead Youth Centre is the right answer.
We will also be looking at ways the whole community can perhaps use the excellent facilities we will be providing at the center..




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